Getting started with our HTML5 Photo Editor SDK.


Our photo editor is a powerhorse. It comes with unmatched performance using WebGL as primary rendering engine, and canvas as fallback. All essential photo editing functions are bundled into a beautiful, simple and skinnable UI. The editor is easily extensible and customizable via API as described in the following sections.

Note: Since we're working with the latest web technologies, all code samples are using the ECMAScript 6 standard. If you're using an older ECMAScript / JavaScript standard, please use Babel to compile the examples to ES5.

License Terms

Make sure you have a commercial license before releasing your app. A commercial license is required for any app or service that has any form of monetization: This includes free apps with in-app purchases or ad supported applications. Please contact us if you want to purchase the commercial license.


To learn how to integrate the SDK in you project, check out the integration section. You can find a demo integration here.

Try it

Want to test the editor first and see what it can do? Click here to open the HTML5 Demo.

Browser Support

WebGL Renderer:

  • IE 11+
  • FF 15+
  • Chrome 11+
  • Safari 5.1+
  • Opera 19+
  • iOS Safari 8+
  • Firefox for Android 45+
  • Android Browser 47+
  • Opera Mobile 36+

Canvas Renderer (slower than WebGL):

  • IE 9+
  • FF 10+
  • Chrome 11+
  • Safari 2.0+
  • Opera 12+
  • iOS Safari 3.2+
  • Firefox for Android 45+
  • Android Browser 3+
  • Opera Mobile 12+

Source Code

PhotoEditorSDK is closed source, but licensees will get access to our private GitHub repository.

Our editor is also available as native SDKs for iOS and Android devices. Download the example apps: