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When do I need a commercial license?

You require a commercial license if you are running a service or application that ultimately aims to generate revenue and monetizes directly (paid app, advertising) or indirectly (subscription, service fee, etc). Even if you haven't enabled monetization yet, but plan to do so, you require a commercial license.

Do you want to use this product for a non-profit or charitable project? Then you can use it for free under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License

When can't I use the SDK?

If the app your are building simply amounts to a thin wrapper around our SDK, i.e. when your core and sole use case is to edit images you cannot license the SDK for this application. If you are uncertain whether this applies to you contact us anyway and we'll discuss it.

For how many products can I use the SDK after I have bought a license?

Every license for the PhotoEditor SDK is valid for one product only, unless the products are closely related. For example: If you have a web app and a corresponding native app, you don’t have to purchase two licenses. But if your company owns several solutions with different use cases you’d require separate licenses for each of them. When in doubt, just drop our sales team a line and we’ll work something out.

What happens if I terminate my subscription, will I still be allowed to use the SDK?

As stated in our license terms: If you terminate your subscription, you are no longer allowed to use our SDK in your product and we will revoke your permission to use it. Please make sure that you destroy every copy of our SDK after you terminated your subscription.

How do I terminate my subscription?

First, we hope that you aren’t reading this because you really think about terminating your subscription; we’d be sorry to see you go. However, if you want to terminate your subscription it is your responsibility to ensure that the agreement is terminated properly. We consider an email requesting termination as a proper cancellation. Your termination will be effective immediately once initiated and you will not be charged again from that point forward. If you are thinking about terminating your subscription because you have been unsatisfied with our product and/or services maybe consider letting us know first, so we can try to work something out that makes everyone happy.

Why do you only offer a subscription-based license and no one-time fees?

We provide ongoing updates to the SDK to ensure compatibility with new operating systems and browsers, without these updates, the SDK cannot be expected to work reliably on all devices and browsers. Every license option also includes technical support (please check licenses for further information). For those reasons, we charge on a subscription basis.

I want to use this SDK for my non-profit organization. Do I have to purchase a full commercial license?

Good news: No, you don’t. We’re happy if you want to put our SDK to charitable use, but please contact our sales team so they can evaluate whether or not you qualify for a non-commercial license and take the according steps.

Which operating systems does the SDK support?

The HTML5 SDK uses WebGL as primary rendering engine and Canvas as fallback.

WebGL Renderer:

  • IE 11+
  • FF 15+
  • Chrome 11+
  • Safari 5.1+
  • Opera 19+
  • iOS Safari 8+
  • Firefox for Android 45+
  • Android Browser 47+
  • Opera Mobile 36+

Canvas Renderer (slower than WebGL):

  • IE 9+
  • FF 10+
  • Chrome 11+
  • Safari 2.0+
  • Opera 12+
  • iOS Safari 3.2+
  • Firefox for Android 45+
  • Android Browser 3+
  • Opera Mobile 12+

The SDK supports the two latest iOS versions (95% of all iOS devices). Once a new iOS version is announced, our team starts working on an update for the SDK, so the new iOS version will be supported as soon as it launches.

Our Android SDK supports Android 4.0.3+ (API Level 15+), which covers nearly 95% of all Android devices.

Unfortunately, we do not offer native solutions for Windows Phone.

What happens if I use the SDK on a device that is not supported?

When using the SDK on a device with a system that is not supported, the app/website might crash.

Does the SDK work properly if the mobile device is not connected to the internet?

Our native solutions for iOS and Android are client-sided and therefore do not require a server or an internet connection.

Does the HTML5 SDK run on mobile websites as well?

Unfortunately, the HTML 5 SDK is not fully compatible with mobile websites yet and we therefore recommend using our native solutions for Android and iOS.

Can I use the SDK to build a hybrid app using Cordova or Ionic?

At the moment, PhotoEditor SDK does not offer wrappers for Ionic and Cordova and we therefore can’t guarantee full support of these platforms when using the SDK.

How can I customize the SDK (filters, stickers, add extra features or limit the SDK to certain features)?

Since our SDK is fully customizable, you can easily limit the SDK to certain features, restrict the use to certain crops, filters and fonts, and add custom filters or stickers. You can find detailed information on how to customize the SDK to perfectly fit your use-case in our documentation:

Need some extra features for your HTML5 or iOS photo editor? No problem - we're happy to add custom features for a service fee.

What is the library size of the SDK?


Including all stickers and filters, the library size of the Android SDK is around 13 to 14 MB. However, you have the option to remove all LUT filters and sticker images using “Proguard”, which results in a reduction of the library size to around 4-5 MB.


You might be wondering why the imglyKit.framework folder is over 60 MB large. This can be irritating at first, however this is not the size that your users will get. The PhotoEditor SDK includes many UI components, lookup tables and fonts. This results in a lot of code and thus a sizable binary, although there are certain factors that make it appear larger than it actually is. We’re working hard to ensure the framework size stays as low as possible.

Do the different SDK versions for the individual platforms all include the same features?

We try to keep the SDKs for every platform on the same level. However, the iOS SDK currently offers video capturing with filters and auto-adjustments, as they are supported by the platform itself (iOS). The other platforms currently don’t offer these options.

Do you also offer a video SDK?

Currently, we only offer video capturing with filters in our iOS SDK. As of now, the other platforms do not support this feature.

How can I get access to the full SDK source code?

We offer a full source license. PhotoEditorSDK is closed source, but licensees with this license will get access to our private GitHub repositories. Please feel free to contact us for details.

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